Yogic Arts
Thai Massage


Saturday 16 September 2023  15.00 – 16.45
Yogic Arts –
California Vinyasa Flow

Sunday 17 September 2023  16.45 – 18.15
Yogic Arts – Thai massage

California Vinyasa Flow

Rooting primarily in the Ashtanga Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga traditions, Vinyasa Yoga (Free Form Flow) was born in California from a yogic desire to expand beyond the boundaries of structure, and to explore the deeper therapeutic elements that allow this movement to support a lifetime practice. This class is designed for all levels.

Chill Out w/ Thaï Yoga Partner Therapy Workshop.

Learn his awesome unique, masterful fusion, of Thai, Shiatsu, Zen, & Body Therapy techniques; highly effective for releasing muscle tension, fascia adhesions, and unblocking vital energy, to keep you moving & firing at your optimal 100%.
No experience, except a gentle approach, are necessary. 
Bring a partner, discover one at the class; or allow Duncan Sensei to partner with you, and experience his magic healing transmission.
Take Away Points:
• Learn effective techniques to release tension from target areas; such as primary muscles around the shoulder and hip joints (neck/upper back, & core/lower back).
• receive a simple illustrated manual of the Thaï Partner Flow sequence, to support your practice and memory.
• Enjoy the unforgettable experience of Duncan’s healing hands assists


Born into a California family of yogis, mystic and artists, Duncan Wong began his life training as a kickboxer, wild biker and nature adventurist. A path that led him to the healing fields of yoga, bodywork and dance. After a life of intensive global teaching and 10 years of Asian residency and exploration with various masters, he now lives in the deep forest of Kyoto Japan where he raises his two sons with his Japanese family. Known as the creator and innovator of Modern Warrior Flow, which he originally named Yogic Arts™ to define the practice as a goal to the artistic expressions and states of yoga, Duncan’s unique and fluid practice combines the intelligence of yoga, the intuition of dance, the heart of martial arts, and the healing touch of massage, that has evolved into the name Flow Arts to best define its expansion that reaches far beyond the limits of classical yoga, into the realm of authentic organic self-expressed motion.

Duncan sensei integrated experience in the global fields of Astanga Vinyasa yoga, Buddhist martial arts, Zen meditation and Thai bodywork spans four decades. 10 years advanced Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga practice as taught by Sri K.P. Jois and Sharath Rangaswami in Mysore, India, California and New York City. 10 years Intensive Jivamukti yoga training as taught by Sharon Gannon and David Life in New York City. 10 years advanced Kuk Sool Won™ Korean Buddhist martial arts training and competitive combat as taught by Sun Im Kwahn Jang Nym, S. J. Suh at the San Francisco studio headquarters. 10 years of Siddha yoga Tantric Shavaism shaktipat studies as taught by Gurumayi Swami Chidvilasananda in California, New York and Ganeshpuri, India Ashrams. 20 years of ongoing transpersonal bodywork therapy with various masters across Asia and America.

He is a pioneer and globally leading proponent in the field of yogic flow motion dynamics that infuses the natural balance of mantra wisdom, warrior flow technology, urban modern dance rhythm and healing bodywork therapy. Many of today’s new generation star teachers have been fundamentally influenced by his early systematic cross core synthesis training research and innovation in the arenas of yoga and movement. His legacy lives through his ‘Yogic Løve Wârrior’ communities who share their passion for the Yogic Flow Arts practice under the guidance of Duncan sensei’s ongoing trainings. This expression of many wonderful yogis and yoginis who share the common thread of a practising profession and sustainable conscious lifestyle forms the power of this living system.
The Global Yogic Flow Arts Love Warrior Yogis form the foundation and expansion of this living international system. The practice was born from a lifetime of practice and investigation into the combined fields of healing, empowerment and Self-mastery, and continues to blossom and evolve with each student’s shared experience on the mat. Duncan‘s undying commitment to guide his students ‘inner standing’ into the path of excellence and eventually teaching skills via the awakening of peoples humanity and common strength through a down to earth practical approach to mindfulness and sustainable living.