Art of Flex-ability
Thai Flow Therapy

London, UK



About Rebecca HANNAH

“My mission is to inspire your creativity, ignite a sense of fun, freedom and playfulness in your practice and support you to be happy and healthy from the inside out.”

It is my belief that everyone has the potential to be creative. My intention is to support you to find your physical expression and creativity, learning how to move in an intelligent way that works for you, your lifestyle and goals.

Just like we need variety in our diet I also believe that our bodies need to learn to adapt and move in a multitude of ways. To support this and help you reach your peak physical performance my teaching incorporates movement from a wide variety of disciplines including yoga, contortion, calisthenics, functional fitness and dance.

Everything in life is movement, even the word emotion ‘energy in motion’ connotes movement. Just as it’s important to work on your physical health I also believe that qualities and attributes such as creativity, imagination, self-belief, self-expression and self-confidence work like a muscle and that you need to train them in order to make them stronger. To support this my teaching style focuses on the way we frame our thoughts and language looking at how the intentions that we set and the words that we use have a powerful impact on our performance and the relationship we have both with ourselves and the wider world around us.

Thai Flow Therapy

This workshop is inspired by Rebecca’s training in “Yogic Arts” a system which blends traditional yoga with martial arts, dance arts and Thai massage.
We will start with a detoxifying flow which will combine self-massage and myofascial release techniques.
It will then go on to explore partner and prop based flows and assists inspired by Thai massage and Rebecca’s experience as a flexibility/mobility coach.
Rebecca initially trained in Yogic Arts with its pioneer Duncan Wong who she assisted all over the World. She then went on to develop her own approach “The Art of Flex-ability”. This is inspired by her time living in Asia and her training in movement disciplines including contortion and floor work taken from contemporary dance.
She has taught this system all over the world and has become well known for her adjustments and creative use of props.
This workshop is open to all levels. You do not need a partner to attend.

The Art of Flex-ability

Learn how to safely strengthen your flexibility and increase your range of motion using active and static stretches inspired by yoga, contortion and dance.
We will focus on a different area of the body including the whole extension of the back, hamstrings and hips. This class will safely guide you through a series of mobility drills and prop/wall based assists which will help you improve your body awareness, strength, flexibility and alignment.
The session will end with creative sequencing and transitions which will be adapted to push and challenge all levels. Please bring your own props (blocs and straps). We have a limited number of props available in case you don’t have any.